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Demery Gillam offers a full array of court and deposition reporting services, with several options for transmittal and receipt of materials, including realtime reporting providing immediate access via laptops, daily certified transcripts, and instant rough drafts of testimony. Additional services include video synchronization, condensed transcripts, keyword indexing and archiving, realtime reporting, videotaped and interpreter depositions, along with daily and expedited transcripts. In addition to a hard copy, upon request, transcripts are transmitted electronically or via ASCII Disc, CD or E-transcript. Our offices are equipped with complimentary deposition suites, conference-call capabilities, video conferencing, and WiFi.  

Another important aspect of the services we provide are the safety protocols and back-up contingency plans that are in place. All of our transcripts and videos are archived both onsite and in the cloud.  Our firm has a long standing and proven successful operations back-up plan in the event of disasters, emergencies, or electrical blackouts. 

A Commitment to Client Service
Customer service has been the guiding principle since our inception, earning us a reputation for professionalism across the legal industry. Clients can book, confirm, or cancel services 24-hours a day via telephone, internet or fax. 

We also emphasize the importance of a client's privacy, a philosophy that guides both services  in a deposition, and the firm's day-to-day procedures.  When dealing with sensitive, confidential cases, we employ a ‘Protocol for Handling Confidential Matters’ that outlines the careful handling of these cases for every person who will be reporting, producing, delivering and archiving such work. Upon request, we are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements, and have done so on many occasions. 

Demery Gillam & Associates continues to be a leader in the field of court reporting services. Our primary goal is to provide accurate and quality court reporting services, specifically designed to satisfy the varying needs of our clientele. We stay in the forefront of court reporting services, and maintain our view towards the future as it pertains to the ever evolving court-reporting processes:  the verbatim capture of testimony, and the delivery of accurate, timely transcripts.


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Demery Gillam & Associates | 520 N. Central Ave. | Suite 720 | Glendale, CA 91203
TEL: 213-380-6797 | TEL: 424-239-2800 | FAX: 310-859-6694

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