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Demery Gillam & Associates
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Welcome to Demery Gillam Court Reporters

Demery Gillam is a full-service court reporting agency. Our firm provides the utmost in customer care and satisfaction. We continually strive to stay abreast of all of the new laws and rapidly evolving technology that affects the court reporting field. Our firm utilizes Certified Shorthand Reporters to report and transcribe proceedings involving court reporting, deposition reporting, litigation support, sworn statements, hearings, arbitrations, and trials.

Medical Depositions
Demery Gillam also specializes in technical testimony and medical depositions. In addition to the complete litigation support services that we provide, we also offer condensed transcripts, keyword indexing, archived transcripts, E-Transcripts, case management, interpreters, videography, conference call capabilities, complimentary deposition suites, video conferencing, daily or expedited delivery, and transcription services.

Video Depositions
We also offer legal video services for your video depositions. Video captures every word as well as every image; and together with video synchronization technology, we can provide the written text synched to the accompanying video.

Please feel free to download a copy of our "10 Tips for Great Video" (PDF).

Video Conferencing
Demery Gillam provides the full array of video conferencing options. Video conferencing allows participants to interact with each other, across town or across the nation. Our facilities have all the latest equipment and provide High Definition video conferencing for a more true-to-life experience. Even documents can easily be shared, all without the expense and inconvenience of travel and loss of work time.

Throughout the years, Demery Gillam has routinely demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the form of pricing strategy, quality assurance dedication, up-to-date litigation support, and 24-hour, around-the-clock accessibility. Submission of the final work product and billing is done in an extremely timely manner. While doing so, we continually maintain a strict adherence to fulfilling any and all client requirements and expectations.

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Demery Gillam & Associates | 520 N. Central Ave. | Suite 720 | Glendale, CA 91203
TEL: 213-380-6797 | TEL: 424-239-2800 | FAX: 310-859-6694

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