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Our insurance clientele expects and receives excellence in court reporting of depositions, hearings, arbitrations and trials, along with expeditious handling and the latest technology. Our attention to detail ensures that the claim numbers, case numbers, and dates of loss, if available, will be captured in the billing for easy reference.

Often litigation matters may involve medical malpractice, pharmaceutical law, toxic torts, major torts, catastrophic accidents, aviation accidents and other highly technical and complex matters. Our court reporters are experienced, knowledgeable and highly-qualified to handle all these types of court reporting assignments for you. From the deposition discovery process all the way to the hearing, arbitration or even trial of these complex matters, Demery Gillam reporters can be trusted to efficiently and expertly cover your court reporting needs.

Should your insurance matter require additional services, we can provide scanning, document production, legal video services, conference rooms, interpreters, and transcription services.

As a Supplier Diversity Vendor, we maintain certifications as a Small Business, Woman-Owned and Diversity vendor offering court reporting and related services and products. We are authorized vendors for Kaiser Permanente, Sempra Energy, Southern California Edison, Progressive Insurance, Allstate Insurance, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, Los Angeles County Counsel and many others.

Should you require court reporting services in any location in the United States, we are able to accommodate your needs and offer court reporting, video services, and conference rooms for your convenience nationwide.

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Demery Gillam & Associates | 520 N. Central Ave. | Suite 720 | Glendale, CA 91203
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